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Body ReWire Award

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Body ReWire Award

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Body Rewire is the new revolutionary Award researched and developed to meet the needs of many within today’s population who suffer from poor movement skills

Availability: Please Contact Us For Availability






Body Rewire is the new revolutionary Award researched and developed to meet the needs of many within today’s population who suffer from poor movement skills.


Body Rewire has been designed to stimulate and re-engage the neuromuscular system so it can perform movements that may have become lost or difficult for individuals to carry out due to past injuries, age and lack of training and conditioning.

To accomplish this re-body wiring we engaged the brain and the body by performing a number of movements in 5 categories, these patterns of movement are:

Homologous Pattern – upper and lower body halves. Getting the arms and legs working together.
Homolateral Pattern – left and right side of the body. Being able to move the left and right side of the body as one unit in coordinated patterns.
Core Distal Pattern – opening and closing patterns of movement.
Spinal Pattern – front and back control. Mobilises and stabilises the spine.
Cross Lateral Pattern – both sided patterns of movement. This connects the body across the vertical mid line.

Body Rewire is a fun, challenging workout comprising of a group of specially designed exercises which stimulates all areas of movement patterns, improves your general movement, balance, core and vision. It is ideal for all ages and all levels of fitness. A number of the exercises are cardiovascular increasing the individual’s heart rate so they are really having a workout.



  • To help prepare fitness professionals, coaches, strength and conditioners, teachers and individuals who work with a broad range of population groups, the knowledge and practical skills of the Body Rewire training programme.
  • To assist deliverers to understand the importance and impact of the neuromuscular system on human movement.
  • To provide theory and knowledge on important issues that can impact on human movement development.
  • To present a range of exercises that can be used on a regular or daily basis as an intervention programme as part of an exercise regime.
  • To ensure that important safety points are considered when using the programme.



  • Multiple Choice Questionnaire
  • On-going Coaching Assessment
  • Video Analysis of Movement


  • The Award typically runs from 9am - 3.30/4pm
  • Each of the 6 phases of the SAQ® Continuum are introduced using video and power point, followed by practical performance and review.
  • Delegates are advised to attend wearing sports clothing and to bring plenty of water. Lunch is not normally provided.
  • If a delegate is unable to perform practically, they will still be able to complete the Award successfully.


Award Status

  • REPS 8 points for course + 2 for Home Study = 10
  • UK Coaching Framework compliant
  • World SAQ Qualification Organisation Level 2 + endorsed by Sport Specific Skill Acquisition Association


Delegates will take away:

  • Resource Book and dvd summarising SAQ® Body Rewire Training.
  • Insights on how to best use SAQ® body Rewire Training.

SAQ Body Rewire Continuum

  • 1.Neuro Warm Up
  • 2.Spinal pattern – back/front essential movement pattern
  • 3.Homologous – upper/lower essential movement pattern
  • 4.Homolateral – one sided essential movement pattern
  • 5.Crosslateral – both sided essential movement pattern
  • 6.Core Distal Pattern – opening & closing essential movement pattern
  • 7.Relaxation, reflection, warm down

Who should attend?

  • Health and Fitness Professionals
  • Strength + Conditioners
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • People Working with Older Clients
  • Coaches

NB REPS registered delegates should have a Level 2 Physical Activity for Children Award as a prerequisite.





“Worked every muscle in the body, some of the exercises I had never done before. Fantastic session!” Jane FitCamp 2015
“This was a completely new experience for me. The exercises were unusual, different but very effective. It has been a long time since I have crawled, rolled and slid. I was also amazed how quickly my heart rate was raised. Loved every second, can’t wait to do it again!”
Susie FitCamp 2015





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