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SAQ® Training Programmes develop both general and activity specific physical fitness and so much more. This is because of the SAQ® Continuum, including Dynamic Flex™.

The SAQ® Continuum is an adaptive programming structure that allows you to better plan, deliver and understand physical training. From sports specific pre-season training solutions to improved participation in curricular physical education, the SAQ® Continuum enables quality physical activity, reducing injuries and unlocking performance potential.

The Dynamic Flex™ is the warm-up phase of the SAQ Continuum™. Dynamic Flex™ helps rugby players leap in a line out and change direction at pace. It's the warm-up the world's top footballers swear by, allowing them to optimally perform an overhead kick or a side-on volley with confidence. Boys and girls can become more confident in play and games at home and at school.

Most of the flexibility that is needed for activities is dynamic in nature and that has led to the development of the most effective warm-up ever. Dynamic Flex™ increases muscle warmth, and therefore it's elasticity. This is vital for performance and muscle safety.