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 Aerofloor® is a training surface like no other, utilising high-grade fabrics and 'controlled energy return technology' to provide an incredible energy giving and energy absorbing training surface.




Aerofloor® has been supplied to a number of leading Premiership football, rugby and cricket clubs, becoming a focal point of their training regimes. Aerofloor® is also establishing itself as an essential piece of equipment for the health and fitness sector.


Aerofloor - Ultimate Sports Surface Solution

•Rehabilitation: Sporting and General Post Injury/Surgery
•Health and Fitness: Low Impact-High Energy Fitness Training
•Sport Specific Training and Plyometrics
•Cross Training For All
•Children’s Fitness and Fun
•Sports Medicine
•Special Needs and Learning Disabilities 
•The Fight against Obesity
•Training for the Elderly and Disabled 
•Pre and Post Natal exercise


Product Unique Features:

The AeroFloor incorporates C.E.R.T – Controlled Energy Return Technology.High performance Shock Absorption – sparing joints from exercise impact.Elastic recoil - safe and fun explosive training surface. Proprioceptive qualities – provides adjustable ‘unstable surface’ for balance training. Helps to develop strong core.

•Focal shock absorption properties – shock (vibrations) is not distributed across the AeroFloor therefore other equipment or people on the surface are not affected.
•Ease of use – easy to inflate and deflate – can be stored in a small cupboard or under the bed.
•Adjustable air pressure – enabling you to change the surface therefore changing training routines, adding more flexibility and variability to sessions.
•Sound absorption – no impact on your floor therefore home workouts will not disturb your neighbours, even those who live below or above you.
•Can be used with existing fitness regimes and videos including cross training, dance etc.
•Ability to increase heart rate of a normal workout when the workout is performed on the AeroFloor making training more effective.
•Low impact, high energy
•Safe, close to the floor (different to a trampoline and trampettes, notorious for causing injuries.)


Technical Data

The AeroFloor is made of a special dual layered material filled with tens of thousands of fibres that gives it its incredible controlled rebound qualities.
Each fibre strand is incredibly strong.
The dual layered surface has been manufactured to withstand industrial level of use.



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