Dec 06, 2016

In times where it is being reported that British children are among the most unfit in the world, at SAQ we pride ourselves on training teachers and parents how to get kids to move properly through one day award courses such as Fundamental Movement and Early Essential Movement Patterns.

With this in mind, SAQ Managing Director Alan Pearson recently delivered the world's first SAQ Award to 10 and 11 year olds at Sherard Primary School in Melton Mowbray. 

Alan commented that the children's "concentration and ability to coach was fantastic..." and that they "clearly understood the importance of correct movement and how to improve head, arm, trunk, foot and leg action."

Trevor Marsden, Headteacher at Sherard Primary School adds "The Sports Crew loved the training and now feel confident in leading activities for other children at break and lunch times. There is great buzz and enthusiasm shown by the Sports Crew that is helping increase children’s activity in and around school."  

The children who took part in the Award completed their Movement Assessment Exam and all passed with flying colours. 

Below are some photos from the day...

Setting out hurdles for the 'Movement' section

The students completing their assessments...

The Fundamental Movement award is part of a bigger initiative to increase purposeful activity and exercise in children across the school. Children who need to develop their coordination and movement receive regular sessions to help them develop key skills such as hoping, running and jumping.