Nov 09, 2016


For the 5th year running, MD Alan Pearson along with SAQ Master Trainer Harry White presented the Performance Sport Movement (PSM) Award at the French Football Federation Clairefontaine some 30 miles South of Paris.

Kinesport, who organise the training, include SAQ as part of their Sports Therapist Diploma, which is a highly sought after qualification in France for those wishing to work in elite sports.

Clairefontaine, the French Football National Centre is world famous as it was one of the first national centres of its type designed for the development of top quality footballers. Many believe this is why the French were successful in winning the World Cup in 1998. Originally it was a chateau with beautiful grounds and the centre has now been renovated to provide new conference rooms and offices.

The two day Award was a great success, with all delegates passing their practical presentations - congratulations to all who attended! 

The featured image shows SAQ Master Trainer Harry White with his successful practical assessment group.

Harry White presenting the PSM course

Marion & Charles performing 'Let Go's' Reaction Drills