SAQ Diploma in Sports Team Management


Our Diploma course in Team Management will take one’s career and the team or club who train and play under your direction to the next level in sports performance. The course is unique in that it is aimed specifically at people who are managing sports team or wish to mange teams.

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Course Overview

Our sports team management course will take one’s career and the team or club who train and play under your direction to the next level in sports performance. The course is unique in that it is aimed specifically at people who are interested in sports team management.

It aims to cover every aspect of management knowledge and know-how, organisational enhancement and leadership development.

The management and leadership of athletes and players is one of the key areas that ensures the motivation and performance of players in the demanding world of sport today. This course looks at ways in which the enthusiastic manager can improve his or her leadership skills, management techniques, organisational planning as well as enhancing one’s knowledge of sports psychology.

In terms of physical preparation the course examines the important issues relating to fitness, strength and conditioning as well as ensuring that the student understands how best to plan training and competition to get the best out continually over the course of a competition and particularly if required on a given day.

This course will provide the essential management skills and techniques that will help the participant excel in this worthy profession It sets out to provide an accredited qualification for the enthusiastic sports manager who wishes to take the next step in his or her development as a person who leads and inspires others to perform in the sports arena.

Who Should Enrol?

This course is suitable for:

  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Managers
  • Teachers
  • Parents

Aims and Objectives

  • Team management, team leadership elements, organisation and planning in the role of a manager
  • The planning process in the design and delivery and implementation of a yearly team strategic and performance plan
  • The function of a team manager while appreciating the impact of team building on the preparation and performance of a sports team as well as developing techniques to develop a good team spirit
  • The problems of a team manager as well as the principles relating to time and stress management
  • The importance of good communication for the team manager
  • The various theories of leadership and how they can impact of one’s own work as a team manager
  • The important qualities of a good leader in the team sport situation
  • Issues involved in understanding of the organisational and controlling elements needed for successful team management
  • Principles of motivation and goal-setting and how they interact with each other for the befit of the team
  • Issues relating feedback and the part i can play in managing, leading and planning
  • The concept of sports psychology principles in physical and mental preparation of sports teams
  • The impact of mental preparation on training and performance as well as the concept of mental toughness development

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Display a comprehensive range of skills associated with the role and functions of a good team manager
  • Apply the best possible principles and methods to develop and cultivate good team spirit through effective team building techniques
  • Understand the key concepts and issues relating stress and time management in the role of team manager
  • Display good basic communication skills at training, team meetings and in all dealing with players and all associated with team business
  • Display an ability to use the principles of motivation and goal-setting with sports teams and develop the skill of developing mental toughness in one’s players
  • Understand and display a deep knowledge of the principles of training and of the components of fitness as they apply specifically to one’s chosen sport
  • Display resourcefulness in structuring and implementing a strength and conditioning programme, as well as being in a position to monitor players’ progress and development
  • Apply the principles of planning and periodisation to the yearly planning for the sports team


Upon successful completion of all 8 modules, you are awarded the SAQ® International Diploma in Sports Team Management.

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