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SEM Award

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SEM Award

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This is a very practical, interactive course delivering real skills to all abilities. SAQ® SEM Training is a system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities, balance, co-ordination and ultimately complete control of body movement.

Availability: Please Contact Us For Availability




This is a very practical, interactive course delivering real skills to all abilities. SAQ® SEM Training is a system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities, balance, co-ordination and ultimately complete control of body movement.

Learning how to perform fundamental motor skills, maintain a good posture, balance well, become co-ordinated & generally develop good body control, can be a real challenge for youngsters and children with learning difficulties.

To maximise their potential and improve movement competence and self-confidence, teachers, coaches, trainers and parents and carers working with youngsters and children use a number of strategies.

Using SAQ® SEM Training, children whatever their ability, age, size, shape or aspiration can improve their fundamental movement ability and build the foundations on which a desire to participate in physical activity and sport can be achieved. Children will enjoy the variety, challenge and performance improvements that SAQ® SEM Training can provide.

Interestingly there is now much evidence to show the impact of SAQ® SEM Training on children’s overall learning, handwriting development and mathematics skills, improvements in concentration and behaviour, as well as physical development. Success has been achieved by children with a variety of conditions including ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome and Hemiplegia.



  • To provide teachers, teaching assistants, coaches, and parents, and those involved in physical education, sports coaching and recreational physical activity with knowledge and practical skills to apply SAQ® SEM Training to children with learning and movement difficulties.
  • To introduce the SAQ® Continuum, the framework around which SAQ® SEM Training is structured.
  • To demonstrate the role of SAQ® SEM Training in improving fundamental movements and athletic performance.
  • To be able to demonstrate SAQ® SEM activities 
  • To be able to identify and evaluate children’s movement difficulties.


  • On-going assessment of practical competence
  • Demonstrating and teaching activities from the SAQ® Continuum to other delegates
  • Completion of a course Log Book
  • A Multiple Choice Questionnaire completed at home


  • The Award typically runs from 9am – 3.30/4pm
  • Each of the 6 phases of the SAQ® Continuum are introduced using video and power point, followed by practical performance and review.
  • Delegates are advised to attend wearing sports clothing and to bring plenty of water. Lunch is not normally provided.
  • If a delegate is unable to perform practically, they will still be able to complete the Award successfully.

Award Status

  • REPS 8 points for course + 2 for Home Study = 10
  • UK Coaching Framework compliant
  • Dyspraxia Foundation endorsed
  • Special Olympics GB endorsed
  • RFU recommended
  • Sportscoach UK signposted.

Delegates will take away:

  • A comprehensive Resource Book and Log Book + dvd summarising SAQ® SEM Training for children.
  • Insights on how to best use SAQ® SEM Training and the SAQ® Continuum within school curriculum time, after school hours, in 1:1situations and small group sessions.

Who should attend?

Teachers, teaching assistants, coaches, parents and carers – literally anyone with a keen interest in improving movement and learning ability in children with learning and movement difficulties.

NB REPS registered delegates should have a Level 2 Physical Activity for Children Award as a prerequisite.

What People Have Said

"It is easy to follow, making it ideal for parents and anyone working with children and young people, providing a structured learning opportunity and allowing children to obtain and improve essential movement skills. Dr Madeleine Portwood, Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist, Co Durham


Ben was diagnosed with ADHD (2008) and Autism more recently (2011). Ben has both co-ordination and concentration issues, which impacts in all areas of life. On diagnosis of ADHD (Primary 1) Ben received some Occupational Therapy and also received some special needs help with his fine motor skills within school time.

When Ben went into Primary 2, specialised OT treatment was withdrawn. Although greatly improved, Ben still had some very evident co-ordination and concentration issues. Although making some progress at home, we felt that there must be other options available to enhance his skills.

Ben was introduced to SAQ® via the local Rugby Club. Ben attended the summer camp 2011 and not only became hooked on rugby but also received a very valuable introduction to SAQ®.Ben has been receiving weekly SAQ® sessions via the Rugby Club and also personal training and guidance from Lee Powles (SAQ® Advanced Trainer SAQ® Scotland) on a one to one level since the start of the new school term in August 2011.

Since enrolment in the SAQ® programme, Ben's posture has greatly improved, previously Ben was constantly bent over and could not stand upright (soldier like). There has been a great improvement and now stands straighter without any coaching.

Ben's co-ordination has also greatly improved, being able to focus and concentrate on daily tasks which took major effort without success in some cases, which in turn meant that his enthusiasm and confidence were affected.

Ben's fine motor skills have also greatly improved, although this is not solely due to SAQ®, we believe that in conjunction with the special needs team at school, that SAQ® has been valuable and a major part of Ben's continued improvement.Ben completes SAQ® exercises at least three days a week, not including his weekly rugby training on a Sunday morning. We spend between 10-15 minutes on each session, which is easy achievable both indoors and outdoors.

We believe that SAQ® is a fun, easily achievable, challenging programme which would be of great benefit to all primary school children. We believe that this is an invaluable tool which should be encompassed within the Primary School Curriculum in all local schools.

SAQ® has enhanced and greatly developed Ben's fundamental skills and we look forward to further progression over the coming months and years. Ben's Parents.08-Jan-2012.

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