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fitLight Trainer

fitLight Trainer

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Introducing the fitLight Trainer™

The fitLight Trainer™ is a flexible wireless training system that can be adapted and configured for all sports, with the goal of improving hand/eye co-ordination, agility, strength and conditioning, and controlled rehabilitation from injuries.

With the fitLight Trainer™ you can design any speed and agility training profile/routine you require, regardless if the focus is on speed, agility, strength, the ability to concentrate and react, or vision training. Optimize your fitness training, strength and conditioning, and speed/agility drills with real time data captured by the fitLight Trainer™.


  All fitness and sports performers are looking for a complete functional solution to develop usable and transferable strength to use in everyday and sporting situations.


What is the fitLight Trainer™?

The fitLight Trainer™ system is a wireless light system comprised of 8 RGB LED powered lights and a central PDA controller. The lights are used as targets for the athlete to activate or deactivate as per the training routine. Various measurements can be captured for immediate feedback in relation to the athlete’s performance or can later be downloaded to a central computer for future analysis.

The lights can be deactivated by use of the athletes’ hands, feet, head, and racquets or by any other sport specific means. The lights can be programmed to be deactivated by full contact or proximity sensing whereby the system is able to record time for any athletic training function.

The system is extremely easy to set up and use, and training routines can be preprogrammed into the controller or easily developed on site at the training facility. The lights can be mounted on walls, floors or any apparatus that is used during your training sessions to enhance the training and conditioning of the athletes. Additionally the lights can be mounted whereby they simulate real sport specific situations, such as on tennis nets, squash courts, nets for volleyball or goal nets for, hockey, soccer etc.


How does the fitLight Trainer™ differ from other systems?

  • Extensive mounting capabilities for any sport or sporting activity or training equipment.
  • Operable in wet conditions and all seasons. Indoors and outdoors use without any degradation of light visibility.
  • Fully programmable distance activation from 0 to 80 cms. (0-32”)
  • Single system for Physical Training, Cognitive Training, Reaction Testing, Hand/Eye Co-ordination Training and Rehabilitation Exercises.
  • Capable of interval time measurement and Speed Tracking
  • Programmable Contact and Non-Contact System
  • Multiple Coloured Lights and multiple Flashing Modes
  • Multiple programmable features for Lights and activation distances
  • RFID capable for ease of athlete registration and Data Collection.
  • Downloadable results for Data Analysis of athletes.
  • Robust Wireless Technology Easy Data Management

fitLight Trainer™ Features and Benefits

Easy To Use

  • Simple set up and easy to start training sessions
  • Limited space requirements
  • Wireless system that allows for simple training set ups and communication
  • Easy programmable system with standard routines or user defined routines
  • Multiple colour light capabilities with automatic ambient light adjustment even in bright sunshine for ease of recognition
  • Programmable audible signal with the light
  • Simple recharging system and carrying case

Robust & Reliable

  • Portable/mobile system for indoors/outdoors and all seasons
  • System can be mounted and configured anywhere, floor, wall, outdoors

The fitLight Trainer consists of 8 wireless RGB LED powered lights and a central wireless controller.

The lights can be arranged to cater to any specific routine at a distance of up to 50 meters from the controller (164 feet) for up to 32 lights per controller.
Each light allows for customization of colour and mode of activation. Activation of each light module can be triggered by either proximity or direct contact. 
Each light can have sensor range from 0cm –80cm
beep can be set for :
1.beep when armed
2.beep when hit
3.beep on timeout beep
Impact sensitivity can be set to:
2.low-med – hi
Timeout 0.1 second - 120 seconds (per light)
Delay time 0.05 seconds  - 10 seconds (per step)
Light colour – 6 colours to choose from – blue, light blue, pink, red, yellow and green (per light per step in a sequence)
Light modes: full  light, ring only centre only (set per light in each step)
LED mode: standard, flash , slow blink, fast blink (set per light in each step)
Light Settings are PER step when custom programming a training sequence.
You can select from 1-8 lights per step when programming a sequence with individual colours,
each light within a step can have it’s own parameters set such as sensor mode, led mode, light mode and beep mode plus it’s colour.

Set Ascending Direction

Set Ascending Direction