Sep 01, 2015

SAQ partnership with Coerver Coaching -September 1st 2015

SAQ International LTD is very proud to announce its partnership with Coerver
Coaching. SAQ is the leading physical, sports science movement programme in the
world of football and has worked with leading Premiership and European Clubs
including: Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Arsenal to mention a few.


Our partnership with Coerver Coaching is a natural progression for both of
these world class programmes. SAQ International recognises Coerver Coaching as
the leading football skill based training programme available in the world of
football. SAQ and Coerver Coaching are an ideal fit which compliment each other
with their vision of the development of skilful, fast and powerful young
footballers. The goal is to enhance the individuals football skills and
physical ability to ensure they reach their maximum potential in football.

We are looking forward to an exciting future together.

Alan Pearson, Managing Director and Founder of SAQ International LTD.