Oct 18, 2017

"Player injuries are always a concern for our clubs," a Premiership Rugby spokesman told the BBC in a recent article.

Over the years working both in Elite Premiership Rugby & Football, using the SAQ Programme has proven to assist in preventing injury and returning players from injury sooner.

At a conference many years ago in America, one of the leading SAQ experts commented on the ability of SAQ training to prevent injury. He suggested that It helps the neuromuscular system react to potential injury situations where injury may occur to enable the athlete to pull out or readjust, therefore preventing injury. This can also include collisions. This is due to the multi directional transitional training SAQ uses, the focus on mechanical technique, the use of flexi cord resistance which has a tendency to mould around the movement pattern used by athletes and also the constant implementation of reaction, eye hand coordination and balance used in the programme. The SAQ Training Programme is not one dimensional, it is multi dimensional. 

SAQ has always promoted transitional training, which simply means that you need to train in the movement patterns and situation that you find yourself in the sport you are practising. This is more efficiently carried out on the field of play rather than in a weights room.


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