Jun 13, 2016

FM award delivered by Alan Pearson in somerset  June 12th 2016

FM award:
This is a very practical, interactive course delivering real skills to all abilities. SAQ® Training is a system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities, balance, co-ordination and ultimately complete control of body movement.


I really enjoyed today so thanks one and all, especially Alan. The mix of theory (which you kindly simplified for us), practicals, and videos made for an enjoyable and inspiring learning curve.

I spent most of today thinking I want this for my son...the interventions that make it fun to move well, concentrate more and ultimately be functioning healthily to chose any pursuit he wants (other than sports I don't like watching)!

It's definitely going to impact my coaching so don't worry Steff, well worth it.

To fnd out more information on the FM award  please visist the 1 Day Awards Page here: