Sep 21, 2015

Duchess of Cambridge Takes Part in SAQ Style Session

While visiting a London school yesterday (Thursday 17th September), The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton observed and even took part in a sports education session using FITLIGHT trainers – similar to those conducted by Melton-based sports training specialist SAQ® International.

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton visited Anne Freud Centre for Children in London where children are using FITLIGHT trainers to improve their coordination and reactions.

FITLIGHT is a wireless reaction system comprised of LED powered lights that are used as targets for the user to deactivate, allowing them to measure and improve the time it takes them to do so.

SAQ® International is the official supplier of FITLIGHT systems in the United Kingdom, distributing the equipment to a range of institutions including a number of professional sports teams.

Pictures of Kate taking part in the FITLIGHT activity have been published on the Daily Mail site, and footage of her involvement has been broadcast by the BBC and Sky News.

BBC new story here:


Alan Pearson, Managing Director of SAQ® International, said: “Hopefully influential people such as Kate Middleton seeing the equipment and how much the children enjoy using it will mean more are given access to it in the future.

“The motor skills that our programmes and other similar initiatives allow children to develop are something that can’t be taught in later life, so it gives young athletes a real head start.”

SAQ® International programmes have been introduced into a number of schools through the company’s School Movement Project, and following further research it is hoped more will sign up in future.

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