Nov 15, 2017

"Fitbits Could Lead to Negative Impact on Pupils’ Well-Being, Study Finds" - we're seeing a lot of headlines like these recently, as schools try to tackle health and wellbeing issues, particularly fitness. SAQ's Pupil Activity Tracker (PAT) helps schools to tackle physical activity issues, providing a solution which allows both the teacher, student and parents to view individual progress via cloud-based technology.

SAQ PAT logoThe Pupil Activity Tracker (PAT) provides the teacher and head teacher feedback on each pupil’s individual activity levels on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It also combines the class, school and boys vs girls performances.

The programme provides teachers with the opportunity to individually analyse each child’s physical activity performance. Nobody else needs to know. The teacher can then set performance goals i.e 10 minutes more walking a day or less time sitting at the desk. This means every child in the school can achieve success in an individual basis in regard to their activity levels. This provides the teacher with an opportunity to encourage with awards or certificates on improved performance for each child as they are not competing against each other. In the past, sports and physical activity was normally for those children who were most active or involved in sports that won awards but now this won’t be the case.

PAT also provides a link to Cloud-based reporting for the individual child and their parent to access their own child’s physical performance on any day or week of the year. This also encourages the child to become more active.

PAT also provides data on calories used, steps taken, distance and PAT load, which can be used to determine levels of activity and set goals. Access to the dashboard by the teachers, student or parents is easy to use and understand, making it versatile and fun to use.

The Pupil Activity Tracker has the potential to be one of the leading programmes to be used for physical activity in schools today - call us on 01664 810101 and ask about PAT.