Sep 26, 2016

Fundamental Movement: David Ross Education Trust

MD Alan Pearson recently ran a SAQ® Fundamental Movement (FM) Award at Charnwood College for the David Ross Education Trust (DRET).

In attendance were members of DRET’s sports and physical activity team as well as international Table Tennis star Chris Doran. Former national Table Tennis champions Natalie Green and Gavin Evans were also in attendance for Grantham College Table Tennis Academy. Also in attendance was England Talent Programme Boxer Kirsty Hill.

It was a great day and the staff really got involved in the practical side of the FM award and asked lots of interesting and searching questions.

The photos below show Chris Doran and Gavin Evans trying out the SAQ® VETS Visual Enhancement Training Goggles. Here Chris and Gavin are throwing a ball between each other for 2-3 minutes before they remove the goggles and perform a contrast for 30 seconds. Both Chris and Gavin immediately commented there was a difference in their ability to focus on the moving object.

VETS Goggles are guaranteed to improve your ability to focus on objects ideal for virtually any sport including table tennis, tennis, football and rugby. 

For more information on the VETS Goggles click here.

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