Oct 25, 2017

SAQ VETS GlassesVisual Enhancement Training

VETS Training Goggles use pinhole technology which was first discovered by the Egyptians, where sight and light is obstructed the brain has the ability to complete the picture. Have you ever knocked something off the desk or a table and you catch it without looking at it? How does this happen? Well, it is the brain seeing before the eyes making the picture of the item before activating the muscles to make the catch.

Pinhole technology uses this technique to restrict light and sight while performing activities. The contrast phase is when we remove the goggles and continue with the activity. Because the brain has been working overtime to ensure that the correct messages are being passed onto the muscles while wearing the goggles, when the goggles are removed the brain and muscles will continue to work overtime in normal viewing conditions. This will then help the individual see the final details clearer including written, texture, size, shapes also moving objects that are in front of the eyes.

Try out these 4 drills with your VETS glasses:

1. Working in pairs, one fighter puts the glasses on and the other has a bag of balls. The balls are thrown towards the fighter’s head who is wearing the glasses requiring him to dodge and weave. This is repeated for 3 minutes, the glasses are then removed and then the drill is performed again for 30 seconds. This is called a contrast phase.

2. Pad work – wear them whilst doing pad work. Again perform the exercise for 3 minutes with the glasses, remove the glasses and repeat for a 1 minute contrast phase.

3. Working in pairs one fighter wears the glasses and the other stands in front with arms apart holding loose pads or balls. The partner then drops one of the pads/balls requiring the fighter wearing the glasses to either catch or punch it before it hits the ground. This is repeated again for 3 minutes, the glasses are removed and again the drill repeated for 1 minute.

4. Tennis ball wall throws. Using a tennis ball in each hand the fighter whilst wearing the glasses throws the balls alternatively against the wall and catches them for 3 minutes and then remove the glasses and repeat for 1 minute (contrast phase). All of these drills helps with reaction times.


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Watch: Muay Thai World Champion Iman Barlow in training using VETS.