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Personalised Athletic Programmes

Personalised Athletic Programmes

We get regular calls asking for individualised personal training programmes for athletes wishing to break into elite sport. We offer a Personalised Athletic Programme for all Sports, including football, rugby and cricket. Our programmes are designed to help you improve acceleration, speed and power. Each individual programme is sport-specific, designed to transfer conditioning skills to sport specific skills.You will receive:

  • a personalised programme;
  • movement video analysis;
  • equipment advice;
  • easy to follow resources;
  • ongoing support.

Our training techniques have been used by some of the leading athletes in the world, including players from Premiership Football teams and top Rugby Clubs, as well as Formula 1 drivers and top tennis players. We gurantee to improve your performance!

SAQ Managing Director Alan Pearson personally designs and develops each training programme. Alan is recognised as one of the world leading experts in the benefits of human movement.

For more information please contact Alan on 01664 810101 or email

Price on application due to the individual nature of each programme.