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Children's Intervention Programme

Children's Intervention Programme

Individual Personalised Movement and Physical Activity Evaluation and Programme for Your Child

Science has proven children who are involved in structured fundamental movement and physical activity programmes are more likely to be higher achievers at school, more likely to play sport and have higher levels of confidence, well-being and good behaviour.

We offer an evaluation and intervention programme for families. The package includes:

  • A four-stage stage physical evaluation for the child at the beginning and end of the programme - incorporating movement patterns, speed, agility and accuracy, dynamic balance and proprioception, hand-eye co-ordination manipulation skills;
  • Targets set for parents to work with the child at home - this incorporates easy to implement, simple to use techniques and programme design to ensure effective, individualised application;
  • Provision of affordable, easy to use equipment and resources, which are fun and motivational for all children to ensure maximum engagement;
  • Ongoing monitoring and access to a support hotline.

The evaluation and intervention programme was developed from extensive research involving over 2000 children and 14 primary schools in Leicestershire. The pilot research project was funded by Public Health, supported by the Schools Development Support Agency and County Sports Partnership, and delivered by SAQ International.

SAQ Managing Director Alan Pearson personally designed and developed the physical intervention and evaluation programme. Alan is recognised as one of the world leading experts in the benefits of human movement.

For more information please contact Alan on 01664 810101 or email




£125 for an initial consultation and physical evaluation of your child

£250 for the full package including initial consultation, physical evaluation, ongoing monitoring and support, and equipment pack.