Certificate in Monitoring Progress

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This certificate looks at how best to monitor the progression of the young athlete through the whole child and teenage stage. We look at functional competence development as well as establishing an excellent testing and monitoring process.

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Coaching and Monitoring

The final course presents an approach to monitoring the progress of the young athlete from his or her early beginning in sport until the end of the teenage years. Much of the work covered here is based on the great work of Grey Cook in the United States of America and on earlier work by Janda.

The course is divided into two sections – Athlete/Player Needs Analysis and Functional Screening of the Athlete/Player. The second part of this work may be very new to some people but it will become very prominent in coaching circles of the next decade or two.

In this course we demonstrate the importance of screening and how to administer a simple screening process which we call the OHS functional screen. We introduce students to an understanding of and administration of the OHS (Over Head Squat) functional screen set-up. We will try to make you, the coach, to become quite efficient at observing and noting the first compensation occurring both from the front and from the side when you complete the Overhead Squat screen more frequently.

We encourage you to do so – you will gain greater understanding of simple yet very informative physical movement screens. Practice is the only way to become proficient at screening athletes and players. The module tries to present the simple approach to observing the screen so as to identify the various possible compensation that player demonstrate in their function and movement in play and performance.

The course ends by presenting the exercises that are needed to correct the compensation notes in each screen. We call this prescription of corrective programme.

While this is a very short visit to a very important topic we are still confident that one will develop a good coaching eye to assist you in all your coaching work following on from the completion of this module.

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