This is a very practical, one day interactive course delivering real skills to all abilities. SAQ® PSM Training is a system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at fundamental motor skills development, balance, co-ordination and ultimately complete control of body movement.

All coaches, trainers and managers want athletes with explosive acceleration, lightening responses and reaction, control of movements and a reduced incidence of injury. All athletes whatever their size and shape, whether young or old, professional or amateur can improve their fundamental movement ability and enjoy the tremendous performance improvements that SAQ® PSM Training can provide.


  • To provide coaches, trainers, teachers, parents, and those involved in all sports, recreational physical activity, health & fitness and physical education with knowledge and practical skills in SAQ® PSM Training.
  • To introduce the SAQ® Continuum, the framework around which SAQ® PSM Training is structured. To demonstrate the role of SAQ® PSM Training in improving fundamental movements and athletic performance
  • To be able to demonstrate SAQ® activities and present a short practical session taken from the SAQ® Continuum.
  • To learn important safety considerations.
  • To understand how SAQ® PSM Training can be applied to achieve personal goals


  • The Award typically runs from 9am – 5pm
  • Each of the 6 phases of the SAQ® Continuum are introduced using video and power point, followed by practical performance and review.
  • Delegates are advised to attend wearing sports clothing and to bring plenty of water. Lunch is not normally provided.
  • If a delegate is unable to perform practically, they will still be able to complete the Award successfully.

SAQ Continuum

  1. Dynamic Flex Warm Up
  2. Mechanics of Movement
  3. Innervation
  4. Accumulation of Potential
  5. Explosion
  6. Expression of Potential


  • On-going assessment of practical competence
  • Design & deliver a short session from the SAQ® Continuum.
  • A Multiple Choice Questionnaire completed at home

Award Status

  • REPS 8 points for course + 2 for Home Study = 10
  • UK Coaching Framework compliant
  • Dyspraxia Foundation endorsed
  • Special Olympics GB endorsed
  • RFU recommended
  • Coachwise Ltd, the trading arm of Sportscoach UK, promote SAQ® resources.

 Delegates will take away

  • A comprehensive Resource Book and dvd summarising SAQ® Training for Sports Performance
  • Insights on how to best use SAQ® PSM Training and the SAQ® Continuum to assist with: Conditioning performers in sport, improving movement in Physical Education, Personal and Circuit training solutions, fun, flexible and sustainable activities that will promote participation.

Who should attend?

Coaches, strength & conditioners, personal trainers, physiotherapists, teachers, parents – literally anyone with a keen interest in sport, fitness, exercise and movement development.

NB REPS registered delegates should have any Level 2 Coaching / Training Award as a prerequsite.

What People Have Said

“The SAQ® Programme is the most influential performance enhancing tool that I have seen. The presence of the SAQ® Programme, with its accompanying qualified SAQ® Trainers puts the northern hemisphere a long way in front.” Bob Dwyer, Director of Rugby NSW Waratahs (from Foreword to ‘SAQ® Rugby’)

“An amazing course – the best inset I have ever been to” Matt Lloyd, Devizes School Award evaluation

In addition to ’superb’ I could also add ‘inspiring’, ‘challenging’, ‘highly motivational’ and ‘educational’. To have learned so much in one day and have an opportunity to put the principles into practice was quite exhilarating.” John Davis FACA