This is a very practical and interactive course delivering real boxing skills to all abilities. JaM Training is a system of progressive exercise aimed at developing skill acquisition conditioning which transfers to the skills required for boxing. The instruction is aimed at perfecting a range of boxing skills and have them supported by functional motor abilities, balance, coordination and ultimately complete control of body movement.

All coaches, trainers, teachers and parents want their youngsters to perform with the highest competence and confidence when they are training or desire to participate in a sport or physical activity.

All participants whatever their ability, age, size, shape or aspiration can improve their boxing skills, movement patterns, power and speed using the JaM programme. Participants will enjoy the variety and challenge the programme presents and be amazed at the performance improvements that JaM can provide.
The underpinning SAQ conditioning programme of JaM has received worldwide acclaimed in its ability to improve individual and teams explosive performance


  • To provide knowledge and practical skills to apply JaM Training to your population group.
  • – To introduce the JaM Continuum, the framework of which JaM Training is structured.
  • – To demonstrate the importance of SAQ Physical Conditioning and its benefits to boxing.
  • – To demonstrate JaM and SAQ boxing activities.
  • – To introduce Audio Response Workout and its positive impact to boxing training.
  • – To learn important safety considerations.
  • – To learn to apply JaM Training as a standalone programme or as an additional tool within existing training programmes to improve boxing performance.


  • On-going assessment of practical competence.
  • – Demonstrating and teaching activities from the JaM Continuum to delegates.
  • – 2 Multiple-Choice Questionnaire completed at home which includes video analysis of movement.


  • The Award typically runs from 9am – 3.30/4pm
  • Each of the 6 phases of the SAQ® Continuum are introduced using video and power point, followed by practical performance and review.
  • Delegates are advised to attend wearing sports clothing and to bring plenty of water. Lunch is not normally provided.
  • If a delegate is unable to perform practically, they will still be able to complete the Award successfully.

Award Status

  • REPS 8 points for course + 2 for Home Study = 10
  • UK Coaching Framework compliant
  • Dyspraxia Foundation endorsed
  • Special Olympics GB endorsed
  • RFU recommended
  • Sports Coach UK signposted.
  • World SAQ Qualification Organisation Level 2 + endorsed by Sport Specific Skill Acquisition Association

Delegates will take away:

  • Resource dvd summarising SAQ® JAM Training
  • ARW (Audio Response Workout).
  • Audio Response Circuit


SAQ Continuum

  1. Dynamic Flexibility Warm-Up – Boxing Specific
  2. Boxing Mechanics and Movement Patterns
  3. Boxing Form – perfecting technique
  4. Boxing speed coordination and reaction development
  5. Accumulation of boxing skills integrated into a circuit
  6. Mitt and pad work honing boxing skills
  7. Fight time – expression of all the skills being brought together in a real fight time situation
  8. Cool-down


Who should attend?

  • Teachers
  • Teaching assistants
  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • Plus anyone with a keen interest in improving movement and learning ability in children.

NB REPS registered delegates should have a Level 2 Physical Activity for Children Award as a prerequisite.


““JaM has completely changed my approach to how I train and coach boxing. It integrates the SAQ concepts of developing movement into how it impacts on developing great boxing technique. Great resources. The Audio Response Workout was amazing!”

Tommy Thompson, School of Boxing, Nottingham