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SAQ® Aerofloor
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Fantastic for sprint endurance, explosive re-acceleration, proprioception, balance and co-ordination.

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Improve multi-directional foot and leg speed power and quickness - fully adjustable, padded ankle cuffs with flexi-cord.

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What is a SAQ® Training Course?

A SAQ® Training Course equips coaches, strength & conditioners, trainers, teachers and enthusiastic parents with the skills guaranteed to develop and improve Functional, Fundamental Movement. This leads to the overall improvement of performance, especially in Speed Agility and Quickness, regardless of sporting or movement preference, age and ability.

A SAQ® Training Course (with the exception of the eEMP® Award) introduces attendees to the unique framework of the SAQ® Continuum.

A SAQ® Training Course covers a large number of drills, activities and a training method that can be used independently or integrated with existing training and movement programmes.

A SAQ® Training Course provides a great practical experience improving technical competence and the ability to demonstrate, together with the benefits of home study.

A SAQ® Training Course provides the delegate with many relevant examples of SAQ® Training being used successfully in the appropriate context by experienced practitioners.

A SAQ® One Day Award is quality assured through NCFE and accredited by REPS.

SAQ® Training has been independently researched, approved and endorsed by experts from Government organisations, National Governing Bodies, Universities, National Associations, Professional Sports Clubs, Health Organisations, in the UK and abroad.

A SAQ® Training Course successfully completed, leads to the status of ‘Licensed SAQ® Trainer or Advanced SAQ® Trainer’ (I Diploma).

Nb for ON-LINE LEARNING DIPLOMAS please see SAQ® Sports College link below.

SAQ® Sports College

SAQ® Sports College offers a range of online training courses.
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