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Aerofloor® is an Athletic Training Platform, a performance surface like no other! View details...

SAQ® Aerofloor
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Fantastic for sprint endurance, explosive re-acceleration, proprioception, balance and co-ordination.

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Improve multi-directional foot and leg speed power and quickness - fully adjustable, padded ankle cuffs with flexi-cord.

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Product Description

  • Easy to see, easy to move, easy to arrange
  • Both sides are non-slip on almost any surface
  • Durable, non-tearable and tough enough for daily use
  • Suitable for use on hard or soft surfaces
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
  • Brightly coloured for use in all lighting conditions
  • Easy to clean, easy to arrange, easy to store
  • Ideal for use with all population groups
  • Write letters, numbers, words and signs on with a marker pen.



  • 25 cm in diameter
  • 100 grams each Spot supplied in pack of 10 (2 of each colour - red, green, blue, yellow, purple) please note colours may vary
  • Nautical standard, non-slip grade material
  • Withstands all studded boots

Please note these are sold in packs of 10 and can not be split. They are not sold individually.

Price: £17.99

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