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  • Taking the guesswork out of physical activity in schools


    One of the major issues in physical activity and sport in schools we are guessing the amount of activity and the type of activity children are engaged in within schools. It is no longer good enough to tick a box because someone is doing physical a

  • How SAQ’s PAT system helps schools to combat lack of exercise


    "Fitbits Could Lead to Negative Impact on Pupils’ Well-Being, Study Finds" - we're seeing a lot of headlines like these recently, as schools try to tackle health and wellbeing issues, particularly fitness. SAQ's Pupil Activity Tracker (PAT)

  • SAQ and Injury Prevention

    • Early Essential Movement Patterns in Sunderland


      MD Alan Pearson conducted the Early Essential Movement Patterns Award at Bernard Gilpin Primary School in Houghton Le Springs near Sunderland.

      14 members of staff attended the Award, it was a real enjoyable and fun learning day. The staff

    • Feedback - SAQ in Schools


      Visit to Sherard Primary School, Melton Mowbray, January 2017.

      My overall impression of SAQ based upon a single visit to one school:

      • It is a powerful means for involving the widest range of children in physical activity. Posted in Latest News | By saqinternational
    • First One Day Award of 2017


      On 4th January 2017 we held our first one day award of the year at Newbold Verdon Primary School in Leicestershire - a Special Education Movement (SEM) Award. SAQ Master Trainer Harry White took 22 teachers and teaching assistants from the school

    • World's first SAQ Award Delivered to Children


      In times where it is being reported that British children are among the most unfit in the world, at SAQ we pride ourselves on training teachers and parents how to get kids to move properly through one day award courses such as Fundamental Movement

    • A Trip Down Memory Lane: Working with Arsenal Football Club


      One of the early contracts for SAQ was with Arsenal Football Club in early 2000. We worked alongside Tony Colbert, who was the very first person to complete the SAQ International Diploma and is still a key member of the Arsenal team today!

      Posted in Latest News | By Steve Gilbert

  • Training with Kinesport at Clairefontaine



    For the 5th year running, MD Alan Pearson along with SAQ Master Trainer Harry White presented the Performance Sport Movement (PSM) Award at the French Football Federation Clairefontaine some 30 miles South of Paris.


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