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joined up thinking, joined up delivery is a club, school, community & family partnership

This is how we develop future elite athletes; families join in, meet each other, children and adults play sport and enjoy physical exercise.

It increases awareness of a healthy lifestyle and includes healthy eating and physical activity, controlling obesity and type 2 diabetes , concentration levels increase along with learning skills like maths, science, and English.

The community benefits as people join in and enjoy a sense of belonging supporting the local environment.

Programmes are cost efficient, sustainable and effective over short, mid and long term periods.

"SAQ® plays an important role within our county, particularly in encouraging teachers to be innovative and to think about developing pupil's generic movement skills."

Geoff Sheldon - Chief Inspector Physical

Education, County Durham

"It is clear that SAQ® has proved to be a valuable intervention of the LEAP project. Its use in the PE curriculum may well prove to be a useful tool in engaging young children in health promoting physical activity."

LEAP Project, Durham University Evaluation

Local Exercise Action Pilot PROJECT 2007

The club programme

2 day SAQ® NCFE Training Award.

For all coaches, trainers, physiotherapists and players focussing on the development of multi-directional sports specific explosive movement.

Additional benefits include injury prevention, increased technical knowledge and skill development.

12 week Screening Programme.

Pre and post programme screening including specially designed movement tests that are videoed and assessed. Process includes movement checklist, player personal profile sheets plus am comprehensive 12-week programme for coach to implement at all levels including junior, youth and academy levels.

6 months Distance Learning SAQ® NCFE International Diploma.

For key figures within different areas of the clubs and age groups. This will ensure the quality of the programmes continues at the grass roots.

Consultancy - 6 weeks to 6 months

Club Consultancy Programme.

Here the implementation of the programme will be assisted by a key SAQ® consultant over an agreed period of time.

Books and resources

Comprehensive resource books, log books, instructional DVDs and specially designed equipment packs will be provided.

"The SAQ® Programme is without doubt one of the reasons I still maintain my current position in the premier league at nearly 37 years old. With continued use I feel able to continue my career well into my 40's."

David James - Goalkeeper, Portsmouth FC,

Aston Villa, Liverpool, West Ham,

Manchester City, England

"The 'fundamental skills and movement' taught through SAQ® based drills underpin all the 'goals' of Injury Prevention Strategies, Post Injury Rehabilitation and the Fitness Conditioning".

Peter Friar MSc MCSP BSc (Hons) Head of

Sport Medicine, Sunderland AFC

"Not only is the SAQ Programme effective, it is also challenging and motivational for players who have not only enjoyed but have also benefitted from this new approach to training and conditioning for cricket."

Graham Gooch - former England Captain,

England Selector, Essex County Cricket

"The level of fitness achieved by the players and the emphasis on the honing of skills was exceptional too. They were described by the committee as the best prepared teams ever at UCT."

Greg Commins - Fitness and Conditioning Coach, University of Cape Town Rugby Club

The schools programme

2-day SAQ® NCFE Fundamental Movement Award.

Designed for head teachers, teachers, teacher assistants, physical education specialists. This is designed to provide teachers with the skills and understanding that underpin physical development and prepare children for all learning.

This knowledge will establish physical literacy, fundamental movement skills, and fitness training that underpin all play, games and multi skill activities.

12-week Healthy Movement & Eating Programme

To include pre and post screening tests. This programme is designed so that it can be implemented by all parents, child care workers and teachers effectively, efficiently and safely.

This programme effectively links the importance of healthy eating and physical activity, its preventative role on obesity and diabetes plus the additional impact on improved academic learning skills required in subjects like English, Maths and Science.

2-day SAQ® NCFE Special Educational Needs Award (SEN)

This is designed to provide teachers with the skills required to enable those with movement and learning difficulties to establish and improve fundamental physical literacy.

Key teaching figures will be recommended to complete the SAQ® NCFE 6-months Distance Learning International Diploma. The population group to be studied in this award would be school age children.

Books and resources

Comprehensive Lesson Plans, resource books, log books, instructional DVDs, and specially designed equipment packs will be provided.

"SAQ® sessions were a popular 'change' and appear to offer a relatively intense mode of physical activity which compares

most favourably with other traditional PE curriculum areas."

"The use of SAQ® sessions may well prove to be useful in engaging children in health promoting physical activity."

"The introduction of 'fun' circuit classes, in conjunction with SAQ® equipment provides an excellent vehicle to deliver bouts of vigorous exercise for children."

Independent research

The Community programme

All Awards and training days will be made available for the whole community. This will raise awareness of the importance of physical activity, movement and healthy eating. Other community bodies and sporting groups will be targeted. All awards including the PMS-Award,

Fundamental Movement, SEM Early Development Movement, Health Movement & Eating, Suspended Body Weight Training, SAQ® International I-Diploma will be made accessible.

Grants, sponsorships, part-funding, initiatives need to be explored so that all community bodies have easy access to this education and training.

Charitable organisations can also benefit from our intervention programmes.

Corporate bodies and local companies can be engaged through specific management training days incorporating many features of the SAQ® programmes.

"I am playing together more with my son. I used to watch him but now we do things together. My son has even set up an activity for me to do". (Single father)

"We are doing something everyday with our son. He gets out of breath, but we can see that it is doing him some good. Its nice to do something as a family together".

(mother of boy at risk of obesity and with knee problem) A local Children's Centre member of staff reported that attendance at Stay and Play SAQ® sessions had resulted in improved attendance by mothers and children which was maintained over a 6 week period. This compared to attendance at other activities, some of which had to be abandoned through lack of participation.

The Family programme

A 3hr Workshop

Hosted by the Club for all parents whose children are involved in playing for the club or who have been targeted.

The Workshop will provide information on the importance of physical athleticism, its development and maintenance in children so that they can succeed at the sport. The parents role in providing a balanced home/school/sports club experience for their child will be highlighted along with the support structures to ensure that additional SAQ® activity can be achieved at home.

6 week Movement and Healthy Eating


Already successfully piloted in the UK, provided for all families in the clubs catchment area. Parents will be provided with a comprehensive 6-week programme that includes 6 x 2-hr lessons, comprehensive lesson plans, resource book and DVD, incentives, equipment pack, progress charts, rewards i.e. stickers, culminating in a Presentation Evening.

Email and telephone support and a once a week 'Best Practice Clinic' will also be put in place.

The Programme is easy to follow, making it ideal for parents and anyone working with children and young people, providing a structured learning opportunity and allowing children to obtain and improve essential movement skills."

Dr Madeleine Portwood, Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist, Co Durham

"The Movement & Healthy Eating Programme has proven an incredible success with our targeted families at risk. Not only has behaviour and healthy eating improved

but the interaction between children and parents has become stronger and their awareness of the importance of healthy eating and physical activity to future health benefits has increased dramatically."

Ronan Browne, Locality Partnership Co-ordinator, Melton, Leicestershire

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